So, it’s about 11 pm on Friday, October 31, and I’m bored. I’m staying up to start writing at midnight, but I’ve spent all day getting ready for midnight, so now I don’t have much to do. 

So here’s my set up. I’m writing on Scrivener Gold, which is basically the free beta version of Scrivener that was rolled out for NaNoWriMo… 2006? No, 2005. I volunteered as a beta tester then, and in return got the beta version free. It works so well that I’ve never actually bought the “real” Scrivener, though someday I will, because it looks like it’s everything wonderful about Scrivener Gold, but even better. 

I love Scrivener, by the way, and if you have a Mac, I highly recommend it. Highly. 

I’ve set up a document for each potential scene, with a short description of it typed up on the “index card” for that document. Because I’m trying to write two parallel storylines, this gives me a lot of freedom to re-order my scenes, while still having my outline down in an easy to access way. I totally copied this method of working from Holly Lisle’s Create a Plot Clinic, by the way. (You’ll notice that I really admire Holly Lisle’s methods, and refer to her articles and writing e-books a lot. If you haven’t read the free offerings on her website, do it. Now.)

I generally like paper index cards, and probably wouldn’t have done all this work in Scrivener, except that all I had were 4×6 cards, and I’m used to plotting on 3×5 cards–the 4x6s just took up too much space. I couldn’t get used to them. But now that I have this set up, I really like it.

I usually write in fullscreen mode, because otherwise I get way too distracted. I change the color scheme of fullscreen fairly often, but currently I have pale orange text on a dark reddish-brown screen. 

I have a Dexter Moon folder for playlists on iTunes–one for Marie, which has some fun, girly pop music, one for Dex that’s a bit moodier, a couple of playlists with some songs that fit the general tone of the novel (in heavy rotation is Tina Dico‘s Sacre Coeur, and Christopher Dallman‘s Mistake) plus a Genius playlist based on Emily Well‘s song Symphony 6: Fair Thee Well & the Requiem Mix. 

I also have lots of water, Halloween candy, and my Skittlebug curled up next to me. (She’s my kitten, who’s about to turn one, sometime this month.) I’m ready for NaNoWriMo, baby.

22 minutes ’til midnight.