Pancakes and Vegan Baking

So, I’m not a vegan. I am very far from being vegan, in fact. But, I have a friend (whom I need to e-mail, actually, because it’s been a while) who is vegan, and thanks to her, I have been turned on to vegan baking. Now, this friend of mine, she is not a cook. Nor a baker. But I like to cook, and even, and so thanks to a running joke about vegan cookies, I started exploring ways to make vegan baked goods. 

I am still, in fact, searching for the perfect vegan waffle recipe. I love these pumpkin waffles, by the Post Punk Kitchen’s Isa and make them often. I’ll even non-veganize them if I don’t have soy yogurt about, which I usually don’t, not being vegan. But despite being culinary wonderfulness, they’re pumpkin, which means they’re not “everyday” waffles, so the hunt continues. I’m so very excited for Isa’s new cookbook, Vegan Brunch, which will have plenty of vegan waffle recipes to try.

I also love pancakes. Okay, another admission. I love breakfast foods. And I fall very firmly on the sweet vs. savory side of the argument. I mean, I love egg dishes, and bacon (and, actually, I like vegan bacon about as much as real bacon. And yet, still not vegan. Not even vegetarian, really.) 

But one year, for about a year, I made chocolate chip pancakes for myself every single weekend. Every weekend. It was before I got my waffle iron, after which, I mixed it up a bit.

So, I really loved watching this video of Moby (the electronic/ambient/alternative musician and vegan and all around very cool guy?) making vegan blueberry pancakes. (This link doesn’t take you directly to the pancake-making video, but the other ones are fun to watch too!) Mostly, because he seems to make pancakes exactly the way I make pancakes. Well, I make mine non-vegan, and with chocolate chips, but I eyeball the ingredients the same way, and I add the chocolate chips at the same time, and most of all, I love pancakes the way he loves pancakes.

At the end of the video, he’s describing how he made pancakes all the time for his ex-girlfriend, and then when they were breaking up, she said, “and I never liked your pancakes!” And Moby said, “I was like, ‘aw…’ She could have said, ‘I slept with your best friend,’ and I would have been less offended.” Dude, I totally get it.

I want Moby to make me vegan pancakes. And I’d make him vegan waffles. Moby, if you’re out there listening, can we cook vegan together?