Writing over the long weekend…

So, as mentioned previously, from Saturday through Monday, I was away, visiting my little sister at college. It was a sort of surreal experience for me, but I enjoyed it, and was glad to see that she’s doing extremely well there, so it was altogether a good trip.

Two out of three of those days, I spent much of my time on a train, and had high hopes for getting huge wordcounts. (An aside: I really like traveling by train. It’s so much more comfortable than an airplane, and you can see so much more out the window. I like seeing the country when I travel.) Saturday, on my way up, I did pretty well. 3,841 words, most written in the first couple of hours, before I got sucked into the new Julia Spencer-Fleming novel I had with me.

Sunday, I wrote just over 1,000 words, which was fine, since I was hanging out with my sister and her friends. 

Monday… I got 1,540 words written on the train, heading back. Not so good.

In total, my net gain for the weekend was a little under 6,500 words–not much better than if I’d simply written my 2K a day. 

I think today needs to be a “rethink” day. My plot’s getting kind of sidetracked, a bit. I’m reaching the end of where I’d heavily plotted, and am now into the hazy “things get worse, things start getting revealed, Dexter and Marie make contact, they figure things out…” 


The use of a rethink day is something Holly Lisle includes when she plans her novel writing schedule, and it’s essentially a day where you take a break from your writing so you can figure out where and why things aren’t going as you want them to, and fix them. 

Here’s my goal for the day. I’m going pull out my index cards, or maybe just my notebook, and start plotting out the second half of this novel. The most important thing to figure out is how to solve the supernatural problem of the novel, the ghosts (and the split reality). I played around with a bunch of ideas on the train yesterday, but I want to hammer down some concrete rules–exactly what happened, how, and how to fix it.

Then, I want to figure out how to incorporate the emotional throughlines for the two main characters in a way that doesn’t leave one storyline or another completely out in the dust for an entire section of the novel. 

I’d like to be able to do some writing, as well… My wordcount goal for the day will be 27500… a nice round number, and just a touch more than 1,000 new words. 

But really, it would be great to finish today with a more-or-less complete outline for the rest of November in front of me. That’s my ultimate goal for today.