Quick Editing Update

So, I’ve been writing a lot about what I’ve been reading lately, and though I’ve considered yet another post about Twilight (which I finished last night while playing the surprisingly addictive iPod touch game, TapDefense), and am definitely planning one on Emily Climbs, by L.M. Montgomery, I kind of wanted to write a quick update about editing Dexter Moon.

So, I’m currently about 30 pages into my first draft… the first few scenes were definitely the most difficult, because I had to figure out what I wanted to do with the opening, and then there were a couple of scenes right off the bat that weren’t quite right, and weren’t quite wrong, either. But for now, things are going fairly smoothly… I hope to get another 20 or so pages done this afternoon. 

And, I found someone to Beta Read my first draft for me, which is exciting.

Also, I wanted to throw this out there if anyone interested. This idea is one I’m stealing from Jinx, over at Brain Lag. In short, I’m offering to trade NaNovels with anyone who’s interested. The catch is that we won’t qualify our trades with any preambles. No, not even about the bad grammer, or the un-spellchecked typos. Definitely not about the dropped storylines, or the way one of your characters’ names changed three times in the course of the first hundred pages.

I traded with Jinx, and there’s something so freeing about knowing that your unedited raw work is just out there in the world, being seen by someone other than yourself. Plus, it’s fun to see what other people have written.

If you’re interested, just leave a comment, or e-mail me.