Quick Editing Update

So, I’ve been writing a lot about what I’ve been reading lately, and though I’ve considered yet another post about Twilight (which I finished last night while playing the surprisingly addictive iPod touch game, TapDefense), and am definitely planning one on Emily Climbs, by L.M. Montgomery, I kind of wanted to write a quick update about editing Dexter Moon.

So, I’m currently about 30 pages into my first draft… the first few scenes were definitely the most difficult, because I had to figure out what I wanted to do with the opening, and then there were a couple of scenes right off the bat that weren’t quite right, and weren’t quite wrong, either. But for now, things are going fairly smoothly… I hope to get another 20 or so pages done this afternoon. 

And, I found someone to Beta Read my first draft for me, which is exciting.

Also, I wanted to throw this out there if anyone interested. This idea is one I’m stealing from Jinx, over at Brain Lag. In short, I’m offering to trade NaNovels with anyone who’s interested. The catch is that we won’t qualify our trades with any preambles. No, not even about the bad grammer, or the un-spellchecked typos. Definitely not about the dropped storylines, or the way one of your characters’ names changed three times in the course of the first hundred pages.

I traded with Jinx, and there’s something so freeing about knowing that your unedited raw work is just out there in the world, being seen by someone other than yourself. Plus, it’s fun to see what other people have written.

If you’re interested, just leave a comment, or e-mail me.


The End.

So, I did it. I finished. I wrote those two beloved little words.

The End.

This draft has come out to a total of either 55,891 words, or 56,032 words, depending on whether or not you count scene headers (which are mostly descriptive, for my own use.) 

I started it at 12:01 a.m., November 1, 2008, and finished at 7:35ish p.m. November 28. My average daily wordcount was about 2000 words, which also happens to be my daily goal. In fact, my daily wordcount varied widely, from over 5600 one day, to 5 total on my lightest day. I wrote over 2000 words 16 of those 28 days. 

This is the 8th NaNoWriMo I’ve attempted, my third “win” and my first finished draft. 

I am going to go back to this novel. As I mentioned before, I learned a lot about what this novel was about writing that final scene. I get now, why some people write their ending first, and then write to it, though when I started the novel, I had no idea what my ending would be. 

So I plan on printing it out, and spending some time editing, writing another 30K or 50K, or even more words in the process.

But for now, I’m just going to bask in the glow of having completed, and maybe go eat some chocolate to celebrate. 

Tomorrow’s going to be very strange, without something hanging over my head, urging me to finish it.

Almost… There…

So, last night, I did it! I started feeling much better and so I wrote the final climactic scene. Well I have about 200 more words to write (maybe less), finishing up Dex’s POV, but then, that’s it, I’m done with the first draft.

Heavy emphasis on first. I figured out exactly what the story was about as I wrote that scene. Dexter’s arc, Marie’s arc, all of it. I thought I knew it, but I didn’t know, not really. There’s some heavy editing ahead of me. And at a finished length of about 56K, I’m probably going to have to write at least another 30-40K more in new words to get to a reasonable length. Which is fine, because it needs that much more in story to make it work.

Really, the important exciting thing here is being able to get to “the end.” Yay!

Back soon!

Thanksgiving. Words.

I have a really bad headache, for some strange reason. Not sure why. It’s making writing difficult, which is somewhat upsetting, considering the fact that I decided today to skip straight ahead to my climax, (I’m really only skipping one scene. One. That’s it.) and I can practically feel all the words behind their dam, just wanting to come out in a glorious rush, rather than one at a time, as they currently are. Tomorrow, I may well try to wake up early (again) to write before I have to go and do other things, and end up being unable to write yet again.

Sadly, my headache means that I’m particularly unmotivated to do all the other things I wanted to do, such as write to a bunch of people and say thank you to them directly.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not just one of, but literally, my favorite of all of them. More than Christmas, more than my birthday, more than any other day celebrating any other thing. I have a pile of Thanksgiving stories that I wish I could share, but all I seem to be capable of is rambling.

So, I’ll just say this. At the beginning of 2008, I decided that I would choose a word for the year, and the word I chose was “family.” This isn’t the end of 2008 quite yet, but it is a time for reflection. The word “family” has been surprisingly apt when I think of my 2008, though not in any of the ways I expected. 

We didn’t do it this year, but one of my mother’s traditions for Thanksgiving dinner was to go around the table and say what each person was thankful for. I decided that this year, what I am most thankful for is my family, to have the love and support of people both near and far, people I’ve known and loved all my life, and people I’ve only just come to know. 

That is all.

350 words and not one more.

I didn’t manage to get up early this morning… I barely managed to get up on time. My alarm annoyed me, and it really annoyed Skittles, and then, somehow, amazingly, it managed to get turned off before I’d gotten out of bed. Yeah, that never leads to any good.

I first made it onto my computer at about 7:30 tonight, and since Pushing Daisies was on at 8, (it’s my current absolute favorite show on air–Heroes is good, but not as good as it used to be, so Pushing Daisies it is) I only ended up writing for about 15 minutes. 350 words is what I came up with, and I think it’s all I’m going to get tonight. The rest of my evening will be spent alternately vegging out, and trying to keep the cat and the dog away from each other. (I’m taking care of my aunt’s dog while she’s away for Thanksgiving… Skittles and the dog, who’s otherwise totally mellow and sweet, have not been getting along. She wants to play, on her terms, and he just wants to be left alone, so she bats at his paws and tail, and he growls. It’s not as fun as it sounds. Although now they’re curled up, tail to tail, on the couch, which is kind of cute except for not leaving me any room on the couch to, you know, vege.)

Anyway, tomorrow, I’ll have time to write.

The end’s suddenly feeling close again, though, whereas yesterday it felt very far. Odd how that works.

Mush brain.

It’s true. Tonight I have mush brain. Last night, slimy mud brain, tonight, mush brain. Still, I managed to get my words, all 2,241 of them, mostly because I got up (relatively) early and wrote them before doing other stuff. Might try that again tomorrow, except that doing it tomorrow would require waking up, well… early. (Rather than just relatively early. Yes, I make those distinctions. I am not a morning person.)

Oddly, no matter how much I write, it seems that my ending is still about 5-6 thousand words away. Still, am getting closer. Two big things need to happen for my climax, and then the “back to life as normal, almost” denouement. Maybe it’s more like 8K away. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s really close. And it’s even closer if I manage to continue to average 2K a day. 

Okay, enough. Off to go be mush-brainy some more.

And public self-shaming works.

Approximately 300 words (and thirty minutes) ago, I was at this very page, about to admit defeat. And then I couldn’t do it–not after my post about how horribly easy 700-odd words would be. So I went back, and continued to write, even though my brain felt like it had some really slimy mud in it, preventing it from working properly. But I did it. I hit my goal.

Total current wordcount: 51,031

Today’s wordcount: 889

Going to bed now. Tomorrow will be a better day. (I guess I’ll point out here that today was a perfectly fine day… Just not a good writing day. And yet, I still managed to get 889 words. Boo-yah!)