50,016!! I won!

I finished that last section much faster than I thought I was going to, (once I got to the point where Marie would notice her brother was missing, I couldn’t exactly make her just ignore it!) so I was still a good 400 words or so from the end, and spent an hour wandering around, not wanting to write those last 400 words. The first 100 or so of them was extremely difficult, and then I started flying, and I just looked down, and realized I crossed the finish line! Yay! 

Actual 50,000th word… Um…. “she”

Yeah, I know. The sentence was actually:  “Thank you,” she replied. “Uh, Luke, have you heard from Kevin at all?” 

All right, now, to finish up this section (I’ve got maybe another 200 words max!) and then I’m done for the night.

ETA: And with 50,142, done with that section! Yay!