Thanksgiving. Words.

I have a really bad headache, for some strange reason. Not sure why. It’s making writing difficult, which is somewhat upsetting, considering the fact that I decided today to skip straight ahead to my climax, (I’m really only skipping one scene. One. That’s it.) and I can practically feel all the words behind their dam, just wanting to come out in a glorious rush, rather than one at a time, as they currently are. Tomorrow, I may well try to wake up early (again) to write before I have to go and do other things, and end up being unable to write yet again.

Sadly, my headache means that I’m particularly unmotivated to do all the other things I wanted to do, such as write to a bunch of people and say thank you to them directly.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not just one of, but literally, my favorite of all of them. More than Christmas, more than my birthday, more than any other day celebrating any other thing. I have a pile of Thanksgiving stories that I wish I could share, but all I seem to be capable of is rambling.

So, I’ll just say this. At the beginning of 2008, I decided that I would choose a word for the year, and the word I chose was “family.” This isn’t the end of 2008 quite yet, but it is a time for reflection. The word “family” has been surprisingly apt when I think of my 2008, though not in any of the ways I expected. 

We didn’t do it this year, but one of my mother’s traditions for Thanksgiving dinner was to go around the table and say what each person was thankful for. I decided that this year, what I am most thankful for is my family, to have the love and support of people both near and far, people I’ve known and loved all my life, and people I’ve only just come to know. 

That is all.