When a character walks into a store…

Have you ever seen one of your characters in person?

I did, today.

I’m currently working in a toy store part time. Today, one of our customers was a woman, late thirties, with a young daughter, about three or so. She was checking out, and stayed, talking, for quite a while. I wasn’t actually helping her, I was doing something else while someone else helped her, but I was participating in the conversation, and as I looked at her, I thought… ‘you know, she looks a lot like Dexter Moon.’

It was a random thought, out of nowhere, but as soon as I thought it, I realized it was true… She had dark red hair, just past shoulder length, parted in the middle, and wore a simple black sweater with jeans and high-heeled (and I mean, stilletto spike heels) boots). It wasn’t so much what she was wearing (I can’t imagine Dex in those boots on her day off) but her whole attitude…professional-turned-mommy.

And then, just as I thought that, she leaned forward, and said, “you know, if I had known how much fun it is to have children, I would have had my daughter earlier.”

And that’s what blew my mind. Because fast-forward Dexter about 10 years, and I could perfectly imagine her there, in that woman’s spot, telling us all about how much she was looking forward to Christmas now that she had a child. There was nothing that woman said that couldn’t have equally well have come out of Dexter’s mouth. Again, in about ten years.

And it’s not something I’d ever thought about consciously… What Dexter would be like when she had kids, or where she would be ten years down the line. And I probably wouldn’t have realized the connection, in terms of her outlook, except that she had already reminded me slightly of Dexter physically. 

Crazy. And very cool.