7 Random Things

I was tagged by TheJinx at Brain Lag to share 7 random or weird things about myself. I’m not going to tag anyone else for this meme (I’m not sure I have seven regular readers!) but I thought it would be fun to share.

1. I currently have the remains of a temporary tattoo (of a lion head) on my neck. I succumbed to peer pressure yesterday. But it was strange enough having it there that I scrubbed most of it off in the shower this morning.

2. My last temporary tattoo, by contrast, was a Jolly Rogers flag on my upper arm, which lasted for two weeks. 

3. I’m wearing my favorite pair of jeans, which have a rip in the inner thigh. It’s sort of strange spot for a pair of jeans to rip. I wonder if it’s possible to patch it?

4. I always have cold toes and cold feet. Winter and Summer. Usually I don’t even notice it, until someone else remarks on it.

5. Speaking of toes and feet, I have long feet and long toes, and it turns out that I get my feet from my mother, and she got them from her father. We all have the same feet. 

6. I’m addicted to chapstick. Seriously, regular ole’ unflavored SPF 15 chapstick.

7. In cooking, my favorite fresh herb is cilantro, and I can’t stand parsley. I know it’s usually the other way around. I don’t mind parsley (as much) in things other people make, but every time I try to cook with it, I just think, “ugh, what is that?”


3 thoughts on “7 Random Things

  1. I loved reading this. Great post, great answers. : )

    I too have long toes, gotten from my father. Actually, I’ve always marveled at how I can see the combination of both my mother’s and father’s feet in my and my sisters’ feet.

    As for chapstick, my NaNo MC is addicted to chapstick, using it all the time, especially when she’s nervous or unsure. That made me smile, like my MC was channeling you. : )

    I am one of the gag-me-with-cilantro people. Yuck. My husband always teases me by telling me, when I ask “what’s in it” to one of his dinner concoctions,
    “Cilantro”. Ewwwwwww!

    Anne Sexton, by the way, joked about her long toes. She called them her “prehensile” toes.


  2. I use chapstick when I’m nervous too. It’s a good thing to focus on rather than on whatever’s making me nervous.

    It’s interesting that so many people have such strong reactions to cilantro–my mother hated it too, and so does my grandmother. There don’t seem to be many other herbs or spices that elicit quite that strong a reaction.

  3. Oh, also, if anyone’s wondering, I did patch that rip in my jeans. It’s a strange place for a patch as well, but at least it means I can still wear my jeans!

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