A day off…

Yesterday was a long, long day. And it came after a string of long days. Meh. This morning, therefore, I spent my time doing absolutely nothing on my “to do” list, and instead, sat and read and snuggled with Skittles.

Am feeling somewhat more refreshed now, but I still seem to not want to do anything. My mind is all jumbled. Hence, a post full of digressions and asides:

So, anyway, I went to the library, because I had a couple of books on hold waiting for me…

Aside Number One: One of which was the Twilight Audiobook on CD. I’ve seen Twilight (and its sequels) in the bookstore for years, and love its cover, but have never been particularly tempted to buy and/or read it. 

(Aside Number Two: I have exacting standards about which writers I give my money to–I try to focus on women, who I’ve read before, and in particular, those to whom that one particular sale matters. I try to buy books by my favorite authors when they first come out, for example, because those first week numbers matter, and I’ll choose a midlist author over someone well known just about every time. For example.)

Anyway, all this recent hubbub about the Twilight books has made me incredibly curious about them, but everything I’ve heard about them (I’m shamelessly spoiled, not just for Twilight, but for the entire series, including Breaking Dawn) has made me think that they would not fit my standards for spending money on books. But the print library copies have a waiting list that was seriously 800 people deep. Two weeks later, I’m at number 490 in line, but in the meantime, I requested the audiobook version. I figure I can at least try to listen to it.

Actually, what really made me want to read the books was sparkling vampires. No joke. I kept hearing that word, but I thought it was just a word that Stephenie Meyer liked to overuse in a metaphorical, descriptive sense. But I think the idea of vampires sparkling in the light could actually be a cool concept. I like books that take tropes and turn them on their heads.

Back to the original story. I went to the library, got a huge stack of books, including several on writing, and then started driving back home. It’s a short drive, and so I was listening to the Writing Excuses podcast, which I’ve just found (despite being a Brandon Sanderson fan for a long time.)

One of the things that has recently occurred to me is that despite having read a lot of books about writing, and listening to several writing podcasts, etc., I seem to refer back to Holly Lisle’s writing advice a lot. I think that’s partly just because she’s written so much of it, and I discovered her website, oh…. 8 years ago, maybe? I think it was around the time I first started participating in NaNoWriMo. So I’ve lived with it a long time. If I need to figure out how to do something, most likely, she’s written about it, and I have easy access to it, whether it’s a free article on her website, or one of her writing e-books, most of which I’ve purchased. Most of my books, including my writing books, are currently in cardboard boxes, so her writing advice is accessible to me when other people’s are not.  

But I think it’s too limiting, to rely entirely on one author’s view of how to write. Hence, more books on writing. I basically just went to the “Literature” section, and pulled out books that seemed interesting to me. Only one of them–Orson Scott Card’s Characters and Viewpoint–is one that I’d heard of before. So we’ll see. If any are really good, I’ll probably review them here.

I want to write, at some point, a post about a couple of Maeve Binchy books. One thing that I really want to start here is a “what I learned about writing from reading” series of posts. But both of those things are for a later time. Now, to go walk the dog, and listen to the first chapters of Twilight. And then later tonight, I’m seriously going to start working on the Dexter Moon read-through/edits.


3 thoughts on “A day off…

  1. I agree! Maeve Binchy has such wonderful characters, and I love how she creates communities filled with three-dimensional people so effortlessly!

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