Changing Gears… or not.

So, I did read my current draft of Interstate-10 this morning. I haven’t done that in over a year, probably. Thought about it, took some notes, started writing things down… Learned some interesting things, caught a few little snippets of something interesting, started defining themes, subthemes, and story arcs, as described in One Pass Revision. And then I stopped.

It’s a tricky work. Bits of it have been written at two different times, and, as previously mentioned, I chopped out about 30,000 words. At least a couple of those scenes I remember, and remember kind of liking… The timeline is a mess.

It’s written in three different first person POVs, and I never really figured out how to balance that, so as not to throw people off. It mostly alternates between two of the main characters, and as those two are the strongest, in terms of character building, of the three main characters, I considered maybe just cutting it down to their two POVs… until I hit the last scene I’d written, in that third character’s point of view, and thought that maybe there was something there after all. And I have to say, it was that third character that kept pulling me back to the idea of this story as I was working on Dexter Moon.

But what really clinched was when I opened Scrivener, my main writing program, for something, and it asked if I wanted to open my most recent project, which was… Dexter Moon. 

I went, “aw.” And decided that I wanted to stay in that groove.

So I’m switching back to Dexter and Marie. I learned a lot about the project when I wrote that final scene, and I feel like I have an idea where I’m going with it. I’ll spend December editing and rewriting this novel, while I leave I-10 to marinate for a while. Dexter Moon is fresh, already present. I don’t want to lose my momentum on it. 

I-10’s been waiting for me… it can keep a bit longer. I may dip back into it occasionally as I work on the Dexter Moon edits, if something occurs to me. But I really think that I want to keep my focus on one project, on making this one project the best it can possibly be, before I move on to something else.


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