A flash of inspiration.

So, I spent much of my free time today on I-10, and not much on Dexter Moon, but I wanted to at least get the first few steps of taking notes done tonight, because I know I’m going to have no time at all to do it tomorrow.

I wrote down my main theme, which has pretty much been the same for the entire project, and then started trying to come up with subthemes. One that struck me is one that I realize I’ve danced around several times, but never really put into words until tonight. How do we survive after tragedy?

This whole “defining a theme” thing is great, because it makes things simple–either what you’ve written fits somehow, or it doesn’t. And if there’s something you like, but doesn’t fit, you turn it into a theme, and figure out how to tie other scenes into it. (Within reason, of course.)

And as I was writing something else on the page, I saw that theme, and suddenly, it hit me. That’s how I tie Bolivia in. Or maybe it’s not Bolivia, maybe it’s something else, but suddenly, that thread that followed Marie in the beginning (and then got accidently dropped) has purpose. It fits. And I can do something with it.

Happy dance!


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