Almost… There…

So, last night, I did it! I started feeling much better and so I wrote the final climactic scene. Well I have about 200 more words to write (maybe less), finishing up Dex’s POV, but then, that’s it, I’m done with the first draft.

Heavy emphasis on first. I figured out exactly what the story was about as I wrote that scene. Dexter’s arc, Marie’s arc, all of it. I thought I knew it, but I didn’t know, not really. There’s some heavy editing ahead of me. And at a finished length of about 56K, I’m probably going to have to write at least another 30-40K more in new words to get to a reasonable length. Which is fine, because it needs that much more in story to make it work.

Really, the important exciting thing here is being able to get to “the end.” Yay!

Back soon!


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