Mush brain.

It’s true. Tonight I have mush brain. Last night, slimy mud brain, tonight, mush brain. Still, I managed to get my words, all 2,241 of them, mostly because I got up (relatively) early and wrote them before doing other stuff. Might try that again tomorrow, except that doing it tomorrow would require waking up, well… early. (Rather than just relatively early. Yes, I make those distinctions. I am not a morning person.)

Oddly, no matter how much I write, it seems that my ending is still about 5-6 thousand words away. Still, am getting closer. Two big things need to happen for my climax, and then the “back to life as normal, almost” denouement. Maybe it’s more like 8K away. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s really close. And it’s even closer if I manage to continue to average 2K a day. 

Okay, enough. Off to go be mush-brainy some more.


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