The unthinkable…

Lack of motivation is definitely an issue once you’ve “won” Nanowrimo–it’s the reason I’ve won twice, and then stopped at 51K both times. 

Today, I did the unthinkable for November… I edited. I even deleted words! I know. Okay, so, we’re talking about approximately 100 words deleted, but still. Last night, before falling asleep, I decided that I didn’t exactly like the way the reveal went… So, I rewrote that section. Because I could.

Still, it’s been a really long day, and I’ve so far only written about 200 words (if you’re counting, that’s a net gain of 105 words so far. Yeah.) I’m posting this in an effort to motivate myself to at least write another… 753 words. It’ll get me to 51,000. That’s fine for today. I’ll be able to write a bunch tomorrow, hopefully. And seriously. 753 words? That’s way wimpy. Anyone can do that, with their eyes closed, and one hand tied behind their back.

Okay. Off to write. Setting the scene–an angry, frustrated Marie, and a very confused Julia.


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