And writing…

So, it’s just after midnight, and I just got my two thousand words for the day. I was going to go farther, try to see if I couldn’t hit 48K, but then I got distracted by things such as Moby and vegan pancakes. Now I’m hungry. Sigh. 

A lot of sitting and thinking in this last bit, written with Moby’s Hotel on in the background but something’s happening in all this sitting and thinking, something really important, so while it may end up being trimmed for length, I’m pretty happy with it.

The other reason I stopped is because I got to the end of that scene, and discovered I’m not really sure where to go next. Marie just dialed Dex’s phone number, but is Dexter going to answer? And if so (because I’m pretty sure she will) what do the two of them need to say to each other?

I was saying today that I thought my story would be done in 5000 words or so… Now I’m thinking that if all the scenes end up as long as these have been, it’s going to be another 15K after all. And yet, maybe not. There’s this chapter (I haven’t been writing my novel in chapters, but this is definitely a chapter) and then I’d say, maybe one or at most two more chapters, and then an epilogue-y type section. Not really an epilogue, but a wrapping up, a denouement. (I’m never ever going to be able to spell that without the help of spell check.) And that’s it.

Of course, I’ve got to make it through the climax, first.


2 thoughts on “And writing…

  1. Lol, Nanowrite… my god… your so much farther ahead than me. I’m at 21,000 and writing 3,000 words a day (and more on some) to get done… 😛 Wish I planned ahead instead of starting like half way through the thing lol.

    *poke* *waves*

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