50K or bust!

So, last night, I said that I wasn’t sure where exactly I was going to go with with my next scene. I got in bed, and starting imagining an entire conversation between Dex and Marie. This morning I got up, and wrote it all out before doing anything else at all. That puts me 500 words up, so now I have exactly 1777 words to go until I hit 50,000. 

In short, I’m going to win today. Yay!

And if all continues to go according to plan, I’ll finish soon. It’s started me thinking about what I want to do next.

I think I want to keep writing. I’ve never really managed to keep writing in December–usually I’m worn out by NaNoWriMo, and busy trying to catch up on everything I’ve put off for it. But this year, I could keep writing, I think. Maybe not 2000 words a day, but I’m thinking setting a goal of 800 words a day. 

It wouldn’t be on Dexter Moon, as the goal there is to finish the first draft in November. Instead, I’m thinking about the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2006, and then added to during AugNoWriMo 2007. My current draft on Interstate 10 (its working title) is about 55,000 words, though I’ve written about 80,000 total. I’m not far off from an ending there.

I set it down for a while, and earlier this year, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to ever finish it, that the me who had written the first words was so very different than the 2008 me that it would be like trying to re-write something written by a completely different writer, one who believed that the sun is blue, and the oceans are pink. Earlier this year, I had a grim outlook on everything. But now I feel like things are looking up, and the optimism that ran throughout that novel doesn’t seem so impossibly naïve anymore.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and I do want to go back to it. So when I get my draft of Dexter Moon printed, I’m going to print everything I’ve written so far for I-10, as well, and spend next week going through it, reacquainting myself with the story, and figuring out a new ending for it. 

It would be kind of cool if I could finish 2008 with not one, but two finished novel drafts.


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