Less than a thousand words to go to hit the end. Woo!

I had a brief thought that I could write this next bit from the cat’s POV, which was a fun idea, until I tried to actually write it. Yeah, it didn’t work so well. I’m still inclined to try at least one scene, somewhere.

All right, enough Not Writing. I’ve got another 800-odd words to go. I’d like to finish this bit up today, so I need to get this scene moving!


2 thoughts on “49,066

  1. Hooray! : )

    You are soooooooooo close, now, and I am so envious! : )

    Made me laugh, thinking of the POV of a cat, but it’s a great idea!

    I’d like to write a whole novel with the POV of a dog or a horse.


  2. I think that would be pretty interesting, to do an entire novel from the POV of an animal, especially if it’s a realistic POV, and not just a Disneyfied animal. (You know what I mean…)

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