Number happiness… Word happiness… Happy happiness!

I felt like I was wriggling in my seat with excitement as I was writing today. It was a good writing day. Very good. On all fronts. 

In the pure wordcount front, I wrote 3,192 words today, which brought my total up to 43,618. Which is to say, I not only hit my secondary goal, (to write an additional 650 words) I also completed my tertiary goal of making up the 376 words that I didn’t get to in yesterday’s secondary goal, and am working on making up words from Tuesday. (That’s a serious backlog of making up words, but no pressure… that’s why they were my secondary goals)

If I manage to write exactly the same number of words tomorrow as I wrote today, I will, in fact, be only about 200 words away from my goal of making up last weekend’s shortfall this week. That’s happiness.

(Not to mention, I’ll be well over 45K. In fact, I might be only a day away from 50K!)

But really, wordcount happiness can only take a person so far. My real excitement today is by what I was able to write. Dexter and Marie finally met. Well… spoke. It was a fun scene.

But the good thing that happened in this scene, is that I figured out exactly what’s going on, and how. And furthermore, I now know exactly how to end this novel. And it’s going to come soon. Within the next 10,000-15,000 words, if I’m not mistaken. And thus, I may actually achieve my real goal this year…

I have this image in my mind, of a push. That’s how it will end. 

So, anyway, snippet. It’s a longish one, a bit over 500 words. 

She tried to recreate the conditions as much as possible, running hot water in the shower at full blast to create steam, and turning on the light in the bathroom. She sat down in front of the mirror, and carefully tilted it so that it was the exact angle for the light to reflect in her eyes. She squinted against the glare, and then pushed the edge of the mirror, so that the light was no longer shining right in her eyes. Nothing. 

She tried it again, using different tricks to cause the light to reflect in her eyes. She sang Patti Smith. Then she tried just staring into her reflection, barely blinking, trying to will the other girl into existence. It didn’t work, and after spending so much time looking into bright lights and her own reflection, she could feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. So she stopped. Instead, she paced around her apartment, trying to think of alternatives. 

Something occurred to her, and she rifled through the desk drawers until she found an extremely old dry erase marker. She sat down in front of her vanity again, and holding the edges of the mirror still with her right hand, she carefully wrote “Hello?” in large block letters across the mirror. She looked at it for a second, and then underneath it wrote the same thing, except in mirror image, just in case.

That was when her phone rang. She picked it up, looking at the caller ID. It was an unfamiliar number, with a 413 area code. Did she know anyone with a 413 area code, she wondered? She didn’t even know where that was. She hit the “answer” button, and held it up to her ear.


“Is this Dexter Moon?” It sounded like the voice of a young girl, quiet and uncertain.

“Yes,” Dexter replied. “Who are you?”

“My name is Dexter Marie Moon,” the voice said. There was a pause.

“Oh,” Dexter said, for lack of anything better to say. “Um, that’s actually my full name. I don’t usually use my middle name.”

“Really? Everyone calls me Marie.”

“Oh. Well, hello Marie,” Dexter said.

“I’m sorry for calling you out of the blue like this,” Marie said. “This is a little bit strange, I guess. I’m calling to ask if anything strange has been happening to you lately?”

“Like what?” Dexter asked. Marie hesitated again.

“Look, if you’re calling to ask if my refrigerator is running, that’s definitely not the case,” Dexter said. 

“Oh no, this isn’t a prank call,” Marie said all in a rush. “Please don’t hang up.”

“But if you’re asking about seeing someone who looked a lot like me, except younger, in a mirror yesterday, then I’m the one you want.”

“Oh,” Marie said. 

For a second, Dexter thought maybe she was mistaken.

“That’s exactly what I was calling about,” Marie said. “Except I saw someone who was older, and there was no mirror involved.”

Dexter looked at the vanity across the room curiously. Her own reflection, partially covered by red lettered “Hello?”s looked back at her. 

“Good to know, I guess,” she said.

There was another pause. “So, how about ghosts?” Marie asked.


4 thoughts on “Number happiness… Word happiness… Happy happiness!

  1. I’m doing NaNoWriMo too. You are totally kicking butt. I wish I was as far along as you. I made it to 50,000 last year, but I’m seriously behind this year.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Lots of luck to you! Your word count rocks — you’re so close! Hooray!

    I’m also doing NaNoWriMo — it’s my first year, and I’m at 37,514 words. I plan to continue writing 2000 words a day, and I should finish the night before or morning of the 30th with a finished first draft.

    I’m in love with NaNoWriMo, myself! How could I have not known about this before now? It’s crazy and wonderful and so writerly!

    cheering you over the finish line,

    Em : )

  3. Thanks, Em! Good luck to you too… And I totally agree with you–that’s the exactly reason I love NaNoWriMo too… its crazy writerly wonderfulness.

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