40K, baby!

Today was a good day (despite a late start). I got lots of writing done, I got other things done, I spent time on the couch snuggling my Skittles, and best of all, I’m feeling really optimistic about tomorrow! 

So, I made it to my primary wordcount goal, but not my secondary one, which is fine, because I stopped at an end. In fact, I was thinking I could close out my “Act Three” folder, and move merrily along to “Act Four”, (is it weird that I’m writing this in acts rather than chapters? It’s not going to end up that way, it’s just a way for me to keep track of where I am in the story as I write it!) but then I realized I need to close out this act just a bit more.

One more Dexter post-contact scene, and then a Marie getting in trouble scene. But then I’ll really and truly be done with Act Three. Which should, you’d think, put me at about 3/5ths of the way done, but I think it’s actually a bit over that… 2/3rds? 7/10ths, maybe? 

Anyway, the point is, I’m closing in on the end, which is beginning to shape itself for me. Cameras, drawings, and visits to the grave of a currently living brother, anyone? No? How about reshaping reality? At any rate, I’m beginning to think I might actually get to type the words “the end” before November 30th. Which will be very very cool.

And tomorrow, Dexter goes cat-hunting.


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