38152: Current total wordcount.

40152: (Is over the 40K mark! Yipee wahoo!!!) Today’s primary goal; 2000 words

40802: Today’s secondary goal; 2000 words + 650 make-up from the weekend

41438: Today’s “writing is going speedy quick and super well, so I’m just going to keep going” goal; 2650 words + make-up from yesterday’s weekend make-up. 

(So, the deal with these numbers is that I like to track where I am from my goal, but it gets too depressing if my goal is 2,650 words away at the start. Even worse is when I’ve been writing a while, and it’s just barely under 2,000 words, my normal daily goal. So I’m chopping my goals into more palatable numbers. When I’m closer to 2000, and if things are going well, I’ll move my goalpost: sure, that’s considered to be cheating under most circumstances, and probably cheating in this one as well, but if it makes the words easier to write, than cheat, I will!)


3 thoughts on “Numbers.

  1. I’m always playing the numbers game as well. I think it helps our brain to balance out all that creativity, by doing the maths. I don’t think it’s cheating if it get you ultimately where you need to be, and your doing great.

  2. Thanks guys! I don’t think of it so much as “cheating” really, but more of a mental trick I’m playing on myself!

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