Back to regularly scheduled programming…

With all the excitement this weekend, (in addition to going to the protest against prop 8 on Saturday, I spent Sunday eating and cooking and eating some more. Mmm, food coma.) I only managed to write about 750 words. That’s all weekend.

I’m not too pleased about this. Though I’m still on track to hit 60K by the end of the month, I’ve effectively lost my buffer. 

Not to mention, my real goal was to get to the end of the novel, and I’m not so sure that’s going to happen in the next 25 words… So I’m probably going to have to write even more.

My goal this week is to make up my wordcount from the weekend… it’s an extra 650 words a day for five days. Doable. 

And the rest… I guess we’ll see. 

(Going to Starbucks this morning to write.)


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