2320 for the day.

I ended up writing 2320 words, which brings my total up to 36,138. So that’s over my regular goal of 2000 words a day, but under my goal for this week of writing 2650 words a day to make up for this weekend.

I’m beginning to feel like this story is slightly out of control. I wrote a scene this morning that was supposed to be fun. Light-hearted. It is, in fact, pretty much the first scene idea I came up with for Marie when I thought about adding her to the story. 

And the part of it that I thought it was turned out more or less as I expected. And then the tone completely changed, the intensity of it was dialed up to 11, and I ended the scene having no idea where to go next–I had no equivalent scene for Dexter planned.

I really need to start thinking seriously about how this story is going to resolve itself–because with things going in the direction they are, I’m probably at about… the second half of Act 3 in a 5 act story. Which is about right, I guess, for where I am in word count. The problem is, at the moment, I still only know about the first half of Act 4, and then the very end of Act 5… the epilogue.

Meh. I’m tired. Going to bed now, and will hopefully get sorted out… soon. Tomorrow is another day.


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