30,000 words is the point that I’ve often ended November (or August…). It’s the point that I can usually get to, but have trouble getting beyond.

I just hit it, and though I still have about 500 words left to today’s wordcount goal, I’m very excited. Yay!!

Plus, things are finally going well, writing wise. Oh, Dexter is fun to write, even though I realized that I’m going to have to go back in and add at least one more scene to make this one resonate fully. Oh, things are bad for my heroine. (Both of them, really.)

And, Skittles is being a warm and soft lap kitten, which, while it does make typing uncomfortable, makes the rest of the world just a little bit brighter.


4 thoughts on “30K!!

  1. I couldn’t imagine a better writing companion. Congratulations on the word count! Very impressive work. Good luck writing! You’re already 60% there!

  2. I need to train my kitty to sit in my lap for more than .3 seconds (and only because I put her there)!

    I miss NaNoWriMo. ): I wanted to do it this year but I’ve got to finish another novel right now.

    Congratulations on your word count, again! I’m so excited for everyone participating. (:

  3. Haha! It’s certainly not something I trained her to do, and while it is really nice, I’ve found that she has an uncanny instinct of knowing exactly when I’m about a minute away from getting up and doing something else, and often chooses that exact moment to come sit on my lap, or cuddle up against my arm. Oh, Skittles…

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