So, here’s my problem…

I’ve rewritten the beginning of the same scene twice now, and I think I may have to write it again. The thing is, I want Julia to crash a senior class meeting. There’s just so much potential there… But I apparently don’t know how the best way to do that is. I was thinking she could just show up on her own, but that seems a bit weird to me every time I think of it. 

And so anyway, in writing the beginning of this scene for the second time, I changed my mind, and decided Marie wouldn’t know what would be coming in this meeting. So now I can have Marie sneak her in, without realizing quite what a bad idea it will end up becoming.

Which is a much better idea. Except for the fact that I’ll have to go back and change the beginning of this scene for a third time. 

Some days…

ETA: Okay, so actually, that wasn’t bad at all. I just went back through, and made a couple of references to Julia throughout what I’d written. Actually, the timing worked out just right… now I’m at exactly the point where she can start causing problems.


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