Brain food

I’m writing this while waiting for a batch of biscuits to bake. Mmm, biscuits.

I’m decidedly a California girl, and didn’t really appreciate biscuits until a few months ago, when I made a couple of big cross-country drives in quick succession. And discovered biscuits. And now they’re one of my favorite foods. 

This is the first time, though, that I’ve baked some myself, and I have to say, they’re really good. (They’re out of the oven now–they cooked faster than I thought.) MMM… biscuits. (Recipe from Amateur Gourmet, by the way.)

I enjoyed my rethink day, though I didn’t do much with it… I ended up completely reorganizing and cleaning out my scrivener index cards, so that now all that’s left are ones that I still intend to write. I made sure that everything I included had some bits of the supernatural story to them, and I just feel much fresher now. Sleek and streamlined. This new outline is going to require some filling in, but it’ll be easy enough to do as I get there.

Today, I write a scene in which someone makes a scene. (Sorry… couldn’t help myself.) And from there, things go crazy.

Starting at…26,479. Goal today is 28,500.


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