A dud of a writing day

So yesterday, after I wrote that fantastic scene? Yeah, pretty much the rest of the day was a dud. It didn’t have to do with the writing, which went well enough once I finally started at about 10:40 pm, and then gave up by 11. I just couldn’t get started. I had some other things to do, and then I got way too sucked into youtube. Sigh. I remind myself that THIS is why I have the buffer I created for myself, but my writing was going so well until then. 

I’m going to go someplace other than here to write today. I’m getting sick of this room. I love writing with my Skittlescamp curled up next to me or on my arm, but I’m going to leave today, write somewhere else, someplace like a Starbucks where I can’t get internet access (I know.)

My story is going fine, though. Chris Baty talks about the week 2 slump every year, but I’m not feeling it yet, although I see others in the NaNo-blogosphere are. I am, however, hitting the end of my “organized” outline, so I’m going to have to spend some time in the next few days reorganizing. I have a feeling that my current outline is going to slim down a lot, become more sleek and lean, to make room for more of the supernatural stuff going on.

Also, one of the main points of intersection between Dexter and Marie is their older brother, Kevin. (Leave off the fact that it seems unlikely to me that a family who named their daughter “Dexter Marie” would also name a son “Kevin”.) He originally bore one of the biggest subplots. But now that I’ve had a chance to write him with both Dexter and Marie, I’ve learned two things. Well, one I already knew–the plot for this novel is already bigger than I realized. I’m stuffing a lot of plot into not a ton of space: I’ve got about 5 different balls in the air, which I didn’t realize that when I started planning this novel, though everything’s gone pretty much according to plan so far. Then, the second thing I learned is that Kevin isn’t really interested in his chosen subplot anyway. Each time I keep trying to bring it up, he refuses. He’s fun to write, and he is going to play a role in this novel, but a different kind of role, now. Which is good–it makes the story leaner, which in turn, makes it more likely that I’ll finish in a month.

My current wordcount is 16,822. Drop dead wordcount for today is 18,822. It would be awesome if I could hit 20,000, though.


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