20,005 words, sealed with a kiss.

There’s nothing quite like a hot kissing scene to add some words to your count. Of course, after the kiss ended, and they’d said their good-byes, I found myself 6 words away from being able to say I’d written 20K. Sigh. 

I ended up adding one more line, which works well enough, though I think I liked it just as well without that extra line, and maybe a tiny bit more.

I’m going to be away for the weekend, visiting my little sister at college, and though I plan on getting plenty of writing done, I may not have internet access. All the better for my writing, hopefully.


2 thoughts on “20,005 words, sealed with a kiss.

  1. Wow, 20,005 words…that’s quite a feat, kuddos and congrats to you.

    I pretty much set my word bar low–very low…

    Yeah, if I come close to, or even hit something near 10,000 I’ll give myself a high five…only because I wrote absolutely nil last year…and mostly, because I couldn’t figure out how to upload or do the word count thing, but I digress…

    Maybe if comments counted for something on NaNoWriMo I’d be getting somewhere…anyhow, good luck and good writing.

    () ()

  2. Hey le bunny, thanks for the comment–I totally understand setting the bar low, and I’ve done that myself a couple of times for NaNoWriMo… I figure any writing I get done is better than no writing at all.

    This year I happen to be lucky in that I’ve got a lot of free time, especially now, at the beginning of the month, so I’m really trying to get way ahead, if I can! So far, so good.

    Happy writing!


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