The Skittles category

So I’ve written about 1200 words so far today, which is fine for now, and was about to get up and go do other productive things, when Skittles came and curled up on my lap. Damnit. She’s so soft and warm and wonderful that I really hate to get up when she does this sort of thing.

So it occurred to me that I hadn’t created a Skittles category yet, which, really now, had to be remedied. So here it is now.

Skittles is my kitten. No longer a kitten, actually, she’ll always be my kitten. She came to me on March 23, 2008, a date I remember because later that evening, I injured my knee, the first in a long string of (sometimes connected, sometimes not, in that crazy way life works) bad things that I went through last spring through the summer. (Hopefully it’s pretty much over now. Knock wood.)

Still, when I got her home that afternoon, which was an adventure in itself, she and I sat in my room together, my door closed to keep my roommate’s dog out. At one point, I lay down on my bed, with her curled up on my chest, and we stared at each other. I thought to myself, “this could be it. This scared, crazy little creature could be with you for 10, 15, 18 years or more. That’s a lot of life to spend together.”

I love her dearly.


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