Doing some brainstorming

So, okay, here’s the thing. Dexter’s boyfriend is an essential part of the plot. Marie had to have a boyfriend mostly so that she could break up with him, paralleling Dexter’s story. However, she’s spent the first 10K of the novel ducking him, which I think is really just me trying to avoid writing him. In truth, I do have some things I want him to do, or at least be to her. So I need to figure out a bit about Mark, because their conversation right now is going nowhere, and the reason for it is that they have nothing to talk about, because I have no idea what Mark is like. Okay, so his parents are apparently divorced. His mother is a bit overbearing (and loves Marie!). He’s smart, like really smart, book smart–easily voted “most likely to succeed”, possibly even “most likely to end up President someday”. 

I kind of think that he and Marie are also the couple that everyone sees as “oh, of course they were going to get together”–I think they were good friends, really close friends, before they started going out. He likes her family, obviously, his mom likes her. 

They were apart this summer, and Marie’s experience has made her re-evaluate everything in her life. But she doesn’t quite know what to do with Mark. I think she loves him, but platonically, and doesn’t quite know how to let him know gently. That’s why she’s been avoiding him. 

As for his part, he does like Marie a lot, but he’s been sensing that coldness from her. He pursued her originally, but when it was clear that she just wanted to be friends, he gave up, and started focusing his attentions on other girls. The way they got together was a surprise to him (to them both), but he acknowledges that she’s not as into him as he is into her. 

(This is starting to sound a lot like Piz in season three of Veronica Mars. Sigh.)

Outside of Marie, his interests are in politics, government, international relations. He was doing something kind of cool this summer in France, but it had more to do with going to state events and formal meetings. That kind of thing. He plays music–the clarinet. He’s going to go to an Ivy League college. 

All right, that’s not a ton, but at least I’ve figured out where this scene’s going.


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