Before I begin…

I discovered a new blog today, Yay! Pigeons, in the NaNoWriMo forums, and found it so engaging that I spent some time going through her archives. A regular feature is “your assignment, should you chose to accept it” that are usually focused on finding ways to make your life a little bit happier. 

One assignment that she offers is to write a list of 75 things you appreciate, just the first 75 things that come to your mind.

Here’s mine, in absolutely no order:

my cat Skittles, sunshine, fall leaves, bright colors, warm clothes, brightly colored socks, my Ganesha necklace, good friends, family, colored pencils, fresh notebooks, roller skating outdoors, my health, being alive, being loved, orange, tarot cards, creativity, huge mountains, electric lights, my sister, modern medicine, the ability to read, traveling, coffee, chocolate, friendly strangers in faraway places, the willingness of people to share, Ansel Adams, Lyonel Feininger, Raphael, passionate teachers, fantasy novels, the inventions that led to movies, dvd commentaries, the beach at night, full moons, the first stars in the evening, the coldness of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California, making big plans, having dreams, the first green plants in spring, the first flurries of snow in the fall, the places where the seasons don’t consist of green springs and snowy winters, birds, feathers, white ibises, clouds, sunsets, the sun that rises every morning without fail, roses, tomato plants, catnip for my Skittles, the love of animals, water, thunderstorms, the smell of wool, the smell of cooking throughout the house, the smell of grass after it rains, the smell of sweet peas, the smell of sweat after a hard practice, the amazing ability of people to live alongside those they don’t understand, spiderwebs, grass wet with dew, public transportation, skyscrapers, public art, form follows function, form that doesn’t follow function, trees in the city, anonymity, bookstores, museums, volunteers, people who pursue their dreams, my mother

That’s approximately 75, anyway. And having done it, I urge you to spend a moment thinking about 75 things you appreciate… the world might well be a better place if we all took some time out of our days to do that every so often.


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