And Day 2 ends with 10,306!

Today was a difficult day to get into the swing of things… I’d try writing, write a bit, surf the internet, write some more, get into the flow of writing, start to really enjoy myself, and then had to stop, for some reason or another. Rinse and repeat. But I did end up writing another (:checks report card:) 4,643 words, which puts me at 10,306 for the day. That last 600 was a perfect example–I couldn’t figure out exactly how it was going to go, was going to give up, and then decided I just couldn’t end the day less than 300 words from my goal of 10K. So I forced myself to start writing, and then loved what I was getting. When I got to the end of the scene, I couldn’t believe I’d gone 300 words over my goal.

I wrote some good stuff–a flirting scene, which I do enjoy writing, though they’re hard to get right. Then a scene with Dexter at work, first getting reprimanded, then a ghost, thanks to the sixth sense rules, again, and then this little bit here, part of my last 600 words for the day: (disclaimer, copyright, etc.)

Mrs. Wright’s business was simple and easily taken care of, just as it usually was. Dexter suspected these frequent appointments were as much of a way for Mrs. Wright to talk to someone a few minutes. Dexter didn’t mind at all–Mrs. Wright was a dear, and it was refreshing to actually sit and talk to a customer, rather than the rushed people who she normally dealt with. After three years, Dexter had learned all about Mrs. Wright’s daughter and grandchildren, who all lived in California, and rarely visited. Her oldest grand-daughter had just gotten engaged, to a young man Mrs. Wright had never met, but had heard from her daughter was a “worthless good-for-nothing.”

“Would you like to know a secret?” Dexter asked, leaning across the desk, and dropping her voice confidentially. Mrs. Wright nodded, and leaned forward herself, eyes sparkling.

“My boyfriend just proposed to me last week,” Dexter said.

“Hot dog!” Mrs. Wright exclaimed loudly, sitting back in her chair.

Dexter nodded. 

Then Mrs. Wright’s eyes narrowed. “He didn’t give you a ring?” she asked, suddenly indignantly. She seemed about to classify Luke into the “worthless good-for-nothing” category along with her grand-daughter’s fiance.

“He did, a very beautiful one,” Dexter rushed to assure her. “I just haven’t said yes, yet. That’s actually why it’s a secret. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to be married.” 

“Ah,” said Mrs. Wright in the tone of one who has just attained enlightenment. “Is he a good man?”

Dexter nodded.

“Do you love him?”

Dexter nodded again. 

“You should tell him yes, then,” Mrs. Wright decided. “You’ll be happy with him.”

Dexter just had to laugh. “Thank you, Mrs. Wright. That’s… very good advice.”


Ah, Mrs. Wright. I didn’t even know she existed an hour ago, but now I love her. Sadly, she’s gonna have to die. Probably pretty soon, too.

Tomorrow, Marie sees HER first ghost, (other than the cat), Dexter is disappointed, and possibly, Kevin, the older brother, makes an appearance or two. (That may end up waiting one more day, though.)


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