Day 2!

I wrote my next (short) scene last night, and it ended… not exactly where I was expecting it to. And in such a way that it kind of brought my main storyline for Dexter to a halt. Thinking about it last night (I was having trouble falling asleep,) I realized that I could fix things by moving up a certain scene just a touch earlier. It won’t be my next Dexter scene, but it should be within the next 2 or 3, I think. 

But today, I’m onto Marie. Actually, last night (after midnight), I was lying in bed having trouble sleeping, and really wanted to write, so I used my TextNovel account for first time to write the first 200 words or so of Marie’s next scene. In her first couple of scenes I wrote with her, I found her rather angry and disconnected… not exactly what I want to spend 30,000 plus words writing. I’m hoping that today, she’s going to be a bit… friendlier? Happier? More personable? Good things happening for her in this scene, so that should be the case.

My grand total for day 1 was 5,663 words. So far I have 204 words for today. My total goal for today is 10,000. Only 4,200-ish words to go. And it’s time to write!


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