2,000 down, 48,000 to go…

It’s about 2 am on Saturday, November 1st, and I’ve written 2099 words–2000 words in two hours is making pretty good time for me, so I’m pleased, and still think it’ll be possible to hit my goal of 10K in the first day, as I’ve got even better stuff to write tomorrow. I’ve got 2 1/2 scenes so far, though one is going to be completely chopped as soon as I hit 50,000 words… it’s not horrible, but it’s kind of slow for a second scene in a novel, and I realized I can fit all the essential points of it into the next scene, which is better, as this scene has The Cat. Still, it’s late, I’m very sleepy now, and so I’m going to bed to rest up and get ready to write another 8K tomorrow. No full snippet, but I’ll leave you with the first couple of lines:

It was 8:39 a.m., the morning after Labor Day, and Dexter Moon was already having a bad day. 

Fifteen hundred miles away, Dexter Marie Moon was also having a bad day.


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